Culinary Experience
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Our trained team of local chefs are inspired by timeless tradition and have grown to incorporate a flare for an international pallet.

When we had the option to work with foreigners who already had a lot of experience with a yoga-centric diet we opted to take the time to work with people from the pueblo instead.  We selected a group of hard working ladies who were already great cooks and had a passion for the art of cooking and provided them with workshops to broaden their culinary horizons.  The result is that we have come up with a high-breed menu that is a fusion of local flare with light, yoga-based ideas.

While we offer an array of menu options, we are flexible and are happy to alter the menu to your guests wishes.  Typically our aim is to provide a culinary experience geared towards what is most fresh and abundant here, which is great seafood; Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Macral, grouper, wild caught shrimp, calamari and fresh produce.  The menu often consists of a plant-based breakfast, and either a sea food based or plant based lunch and or dinner, always with plenty of veggie sides (also, a vegan option is desirable depending on guests desires).  We can arrange details when you are ready.


Also we believe attractive aesthetics are as important as exquisite flavor and we go to great lengths to make sure the meals look just as good as they taste!


If you are dining with us for at least a few days we also like to throw a BBQ with mixed drinks for you on your final evening and we also offer a 24 hour coffee, tea and snack station.

Also Expect:

*All of our smoothie bowls, sauce bases and other lactose based dishes are made with fresh made coconut milk, coconut cream or coconut oil

*We only use butter, not margarine

*We use organic produce whenever possible

*We source as local as possible

*Sea food products are bought fresh and local

*We use excellent Arabic coffee from Ecuador

*Expect variety at every meal.

*Expect generous portions

*Expect everything to be made from scratch, including:

Hot sauces, salad dressings, coconut cream & Milk, juices, Smoothie bowl bases…

*Expect special requests to be met

*Expect attention to detail

*Expect excellence

Hasta Ayampe,

The Vistmar Team